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 Counter Balance Lesson Plan

Counter Balance Supplemental Materials:

Sentence Structures Video Analysis

“A foot balances precariously on a slick floor. A wheel turns and poses on pointe. They meet and overlap in our vision, moving away simultaneously as if never there. Innumerable, yet slight iterations edge them towards gritty and resolute perfection. Some moments are easy to grasp, embrace, and memorialize. Others shiver, shift, and elude form. A percussive sole, a guitar chord, a wheel skidding across an unforgiving floor. A pattern evolves as it is reshaped, movements repeated, recreated, revealed.”


Direction by Anuradha Rana

Production by Anuradha Rana & B. Rich

Edited by Kathleen Mullins

Choreography & Performance by Kris Lenzo, Anita Fillmore Kenney & Jamie Fillmore

(United States, 2018) 7 minutes

part of FAD Collections for grades 6-8 & 9-12